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Usually in this part of the website we tell you when we started and how many people work for us and how many barrels of beer we brew a year and that we make really good beer that lots of people like – however, in this instance I asked Steve Caddy, The Editor of The Derbyshire Food & Drink Guide and Pure Buxton to tell the story, he's a far better story teller than me!

Culinary alchemist Heston Blumenthal would approve of the Thornbridge approach to brewing beer.

A boundless enthusiasm for ale is matched by a strictly scientific approach to brewing which includes in-house research and development facilities. Like Blumenthal, the Thornbridge team exists to push the boundaries of its craft.

The brewers have access to an enviable larder of ingredients to assist their quest for fresh flavours: “Most breweries use a couple of varieties of malt and three or four different hops,” says chief operating officer Simon Webster. “We use 18 varieties of malt and around 60 varieties of hops from all over the world – each with its own distinctive character.”

The staples of malt and hops are also blended with a cosmopolitan array of ingredients to create the distinctive ales for which the Peak District brewery has become renowned.

Juniper, chocolate, raspberries and elderflower have all found their way into Thornbridge ales –  the caraway spice and costmary herbs grown in Thornbridge Hall’s kitchen garden.

This inventive approach has yielded impressive results in the brewery’s short life, with over 200 industry and consumer awards at home and abroad over the past six years.

Recent plaudits include a silver medal at the World Beer Cup for Bracia ,and a gold for Lord Marples as best bitter at the Society of Independent Brewers’ national beer competition.

Thornbridge’s reputation for innovation has attracted attention in the brewing world and the company has been approached by large brewers overseas to work jointly on new products.

Eight pallets of beer have gone out to the United States and this summer Jaipur will be shipped out in bulk containers to be kegged over there; two launch events are planned in Philadelphia and New York City. Partners have also been found in central Europe, South East Asia and Australasia: “Our first consignment has gone to Singapore and they want us to organise a launch in Japan,” says Simon.

As success stories go, this one is all the more remarkable given the brewery’s origins.

For further information please visit Thornbridge Brewery

All photographs courtesy of www.jodihinds.com