Print-friendly version Welcome to the beautiful Gardens at Thornbridge Hall.  Twelve acres of formal gardens surround the Hall, with another 88 acres of parkland and woodland.  Designed at the end of the 19th Century by Simeon Marshall (working for the internationally acclaimed James Backhouses & Sons Nursery), the Gardens were part of George Marples' vision to create '1000 shades of green', which he wanted to be able to view from his bedroom window, and as such, are a perfect example of Victorian drive and determination to manipulate the landscape to 'show off' Thornbridge Hall to its full effect.

The Gardens are split into many distinct areas, and since the Hall came back into Private Ownership, much time has been spent rediscovering, redeveloping, and improving the Gardens.  In the last 10 years, there has been the addition of The Orangery, The Kitchen Garden, The Scented Terrace, The Long Border, as well as revamping of the Italian Garden.  Future projects are the complete redesign of the Knot Garden, the Orchard Fountain and the Cascade Garden.

For more information please contact gardeners@thornbridgehall.co.uk

An image of the gardens from the 1970's....showing a rose garden where the knot garden is, a much larger orangery, redesigned Italian garden, and a tennis court where the Scented Terrace now is.